The Self | Lom is all you need

I am a no fuss no muss kind of make-up person and have accepted that about myself. I like a clean look so I go for a slim bundle of cosmetics that make it into my routine. Often what this means is I get convinced of a product by someone at a makeup counter and then never use it resorting to my basic tinted moisturizer and feeling so so about it. I came to realize over time that this is my fault- I ask for things like "glowy" and something that will "even out" my skin tone. This = bronzed + full coverage in makeup counter speak both of which I am totally uninterested in. It wasn't until recently that I learned the magic words for the look I am going for: clean and slightly radiant. 

After this realization I went to my favorite beauty spot- space NK and was recommended the Eve Lom Radiance Perfected tinted moisturizer

I put it on over my daily moisturizer for all over coverage and a beautiful finish. I love that it has SPF and is literally a standalone product- all you need to add is a bit of blush and you are good to go.