The Weekend | Company Spotlight- AWAY

It often amazes me how much travel has become a part of daily life. Startup culture often means widely geographically spread teams and with fewer people living in the areas they grew up in or went to school in friends are often a plane ride away. It is rare that a month goes by that I do not hop on a plane or pick someone up from the airport for a visit. Ever since I saw George Clooney glide through the security line at the airport being a travel pro took on a whole new meaning. 

New company, AWAY, is keeping you looking and traveling smart with their beautifully designed and highly functional line of carryon luggage. Founded by former Warby Parker Execs they have taken the direct to consumer approach to the luggage world delivering a light weight, perfectly sized, and expertly organized piece of luggage for only $225. 

Prioritizing high end materials such as; the best wheels manufacturers have to offer and a highly durable yet sleek exterior material their execution is pretty much flawless. AWAY has also added smart features like USB charging ports and internal luggage organization all allowing you to show up at your destination well charged and well pressed. 

I am seriously considering nabbing one of the hunter green carry-ons for myself with all my upcoming travel. 

But AWAY's genius does not stop there- they recently launched a pack your bag site in partnership with some of your favorite brands: Harry's, AYR, and Outdoor Voices. You can literally purchase and then pack your bag with their selections from each brand. Oh, and don't forget your blarf- their custom designed blanket/scarf travel essential for those chilly or overnight flights. Simply genius. The only question that remains is, where are you headed this weekend?