The Uniform | Brand Spotlight: Sezane

A lot of french brands and restaurants have been cropping up on my instagram feed ever since I started doing research on our trip to France this summer. And as you know with this lovely marketing tool, once you start following a genre you quickly become exposed to loads of other similar brands and influencers that cover the same area. That is how I stumbled across Sezane and I am oh so glad that I did!

Sezane is the french version of everlane, cuyana, and m. gemi all rolled into one classically chic package. The first ever online only French fashion brand is proving a tough act to follow bringing buyers a wide range of styles and products but prioritizing quality and fit above all else. With unique and appreciated touches like their scoop neck/back tops they are experts at adding simple beauty to basics.  Rest assured I will be making a visit to L'apartement fitting room while roaming the streets of the 2nd arrondissement. Here are some of my absolute favorite items (although I must be honest it was tough to choose):




There is so much more to see- check them out here