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Lately I have been a cooking fool! I have been experimenting with how to get more vegetables into my diet (more on that soon) and it has me using almost every appliance I own. There is nothing like putting your spiralizer, vitamix, and food processor to work regularly to make you dream about the other gadgets that might make cooking that much more fun, fast, and healthy. If you are not someone who likes to tinker in the kitchen many of these tools may not be worth the investment but hey, sometimes watching an appliance collect dust is all the motivation you need! Here are the latest tools I have my eye on and why- Go Gadget Go

Bread Rising Baskets: Is it just me or is there nothing better than homemade bread? And I am sure I am not alone that the only thing stopping you from making it is not having any Bread Rising Baskets in your possession. No? Just me? Ok fine- I happen to think they are beautiful and would probably just store fruit in them but I would eventually get around to baking bread...

Tofu Press: Here is the summary of the first 20 times I made tofu: It is meatless monday and I arrive home with all my stir fry ingredients ready for light and delicious weeknight meal. Despite buying super firm tofu it still crumbles into an unrecognizable mush rather than maintaining it's cubed form I so purposefully cut it into. 

The best way to avoid this snafu is to press your tofu before cooking to remove all the excess moisture that allows it to break apart once you heat it. Usually I place the tofu on a plate, top with a cutting board and then start piling heavy objects on top a la this photo but a nice press with a drainage system seems so much more civilized, don't you think?

Soyabella Automatic Nut Milk Maker: If I keep consuming turmeric lattes and strawberry gingersnap smoothies at my current rate an investment in one of these babies and a bulk order of almonds may be in oder! My brother swears it is so easy to make your own almond milk by hand but isn't it even COOLER to have an appliance do it? Who's coming with me?

Vitamix Dryblade Container: This is perfect for those of you who have attempted to make nut butters, bread crumbs, pesto and other "dry" recipes in your vitamix and failed. Miserably. This container with a wider blade and slightly different shape allows you to process ingredients without lubrication. 

Vitamix Dryblade Container

Vitamix Dryblade Container

Lever Espresso Maker: By far the biggest indulgence on this list but definitely the one that I am saving some counter space for in my future fixer-upper kitchen in my future dream home. I love a good espresso but truly cannot stand the taste of most coffee, trust me I have tried. It is a dream of mine to have my favorite caffeinated beverage in an on demand/ high quality format at home. And as some of you may know, I spent a few months as a barista post college to save up for a trip to India, so yeah- I know how to pull some 'spresso...