The Home | The Design of Sleep: Part 1

Welcome to the newest segment of Where's Mer: THE ROOST! This is where you will find all things design/home related. First up is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house- the bed! From frame to feathers I am going to share my favorite companies and ideas for your sanctuary. For Part One of this series I am going to start with the foundation of the bed: the Frame.

FRAME: It wasn't until I had a bed frame that I really felt like I had a true adult bed. We got this one a few years ago and it has been so versatile making it easy to mix and match bedding. Here are some of my other favorites:

I love how romantic this bed is without being whimsical. 

This is a great bed for a couple or for a bachelor. It has versatile style and makes a subtle statement.

Classic and beautiful. This bed will never get old

This bed works well for a more modern look. I love the play on negative space and how you can't see the base for the bed.

How cool would the above be in a young man's bedroom with masculine bedding?

I am in love with the simplicity of this bed. Depending on the bedding you use it could be either feminine or masculine. 

I thought this was such an inspired idea for a rustic home, use beautiful fasteners to adhere a sisal style rug to your wall to frame the bed.