The Kitchen | The time has come to SPIRALIZE

Yes, the title of this post is a Chemical Brothers reference. Now that we have that cleared up we can get to the meat(less) of this post.  With all of the holiday parties, family feasts, and imbibing that the holidays seem to require it is important to make sure you get your veggies too. For me veggies typically are contained to the salad course or a side dish of a meal. But all of that changed when I bought a new fangled contraption called a spiralizer. 

This tool is perfect for a weeknight meal especially meatless mondays. The possibilities are literally endless, just check out inspiring cookbooks like this one and this one. With winter in full swing a warm meal is just the ticket for filling your tum- and my favorite is "courgetti" with pesto! If the pesto is pre-made this is also a very quick and easy lunch. Here are the basics:


I made this pesto which was good for this dish because it is definitely a pesto that needs some pan time (due to the raw garlic) but I have heard resounding applause for Ina's (yes if you have to ask we are on a first name basis) pesto and would recommend taking that route. Spoiler alert: whichever Pesto recipe you chose the steps are the same

not pictured: thyme- he was late to the party

not pictured: thyme- he was late to the party

First things first, set up your spiralizer and be sure to lock the top to  the base- otherwise you are going to be spinning your wheels with no result.  My rule of thumb is two zucchini per person as a portion size. 

Mix it up

Cold pasta is no ones friend. Heat up a pan of 1-2 tbs of olive oil and toss in your courgetti. Once it has heated slightly (1-2 minutes) add a half cup of your pesto and allow it to marry together. 

Serve it up with some parmesan cheese and you just ate two more zucchini than you were planing on! (and it tasted dang good)