The Self | Winter Remedies

Winter is... coming? So far in Chicago we have experienced a total Indian summer- 70+ degree days in November! I can't speak from experience but I am pretty sure everyone who can has told me that this is not normal. Regardless you cannot deny that eventually winter will be here and I intend to be prepared. After spending over six months on crutches this year due to hip surgery I am committed to keeping things healthy this season. It is my experience that the best results occur when you implement easy and enjoyable changes that end up encouraging you to commit to the more significant adjustments. This winter in The Apothecary I will be exploring a number of Winter Remedies and will be starting here:

Dry Brushing: In case you have not heard of dry brushing it is a very simple and invigorating pre shower practice that involves buying one of these or if you want to get fancy, one of these (copper helps aid in circulation). Whichever you chose, the key is for your brush not to contain any synthetic bristles. With a dry brush on dry skin sweep the brush firmly up your legs, stomach, back, and arms always towards your heart. The bennies: skin exfoliation, improved circulation, reduction in cellulite, and it is detoxifying (especially if you do not ignore your armpits and inner thighs) 

In my experience dry brushing also is a great way to wake up in the morning. Imagine that tingling and alive sensation you got from that spidery head massager you used to get in your stocking every year- although all over your body and a bit more intense. 

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