Gift Guide | For Him

Looking for the perfect gift for your main man? Whether he is a clothes horse, a tech fanatic, a golfer, or a wine drinker- Where's Mer has you covered!

I am in love with this brooklyn based company. So understated but stylish

A tie is such an underrated gift for men- people don't want to give them because it feels boring but a good tie is such a wardrobe staple and they can be a real luxury item as well. My theory on picking out a tie is whimsy up close, simplicity from afar. You never want to be able to tell what a tie has on it from across a table but the details can add a bit of flash to a guy's traditional workwear. 

Perfect for the business traveller in your life, a place for everything and everything in its place 

Perhaps because it feels a little like a gag gift or because nailing a pesky mosquito feels so vindicating but fly swatters have been a big hit in my family for a long time. 

It can fit 18 beers or 20 lbs of ice and keep it cold for days. Camping or golf this baby is a winner

Rugged and refined all at once. 

Anker: PowerCore+ 20100

Anker: PowerCore+ 20100

Another great tech accessory- in a world where wifi is ever present but we poach the last remaining seat in starbucks that has an outlet it is pretty clear power is king. 

this company is so cool- put in your height and the variability of your city landscape and it will match you with an affordable and basic bike for around $299 so you can make your biker babe's dream come true. 

Structured plaid > sloppy plaid

This is the perfect less expensive range finder for your golfer. If you want to go big- go here 

Although sorting socks is a hated activity in our household, receiving good looking socks is not and makes the sorting worth the pain

this. leather. is. bananas. 

It may have been a while since he has updated his formal trench- this is a no brainer for us cold weather dwellers

More casual than a sweater but just as good looking