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I am literally talentless in the realm of hair. I never perfected the blow out and aside from a pony tail and the odd bobby-pin my styling skills are pretty limited. Because of my lack of coifing ability I put a lot of faith into the products I use in the shower to get my hair smooth and shiny.  Here are some of my absolute favorites:

Molton Brown Plum Kadu Glossing Shampoo: This shampoo gives Oribe a run for their money in terms of amazing smelling hair products.  It also happens to leave your hair nice and glossy- win win! I like to pair it with a mild conditioner such as this one or this one

Lavett & Chin Hair Wash and Moisturizer: I typically am a wash my hair every day kinda gal but this shampoo is so gentle I am able to brave the second day hair with confidence. It's scented with natural oils such as rosemary, spruce, and spearmint and leaves your hair light and soft but frizz free. It is also sulfate free, biodegradable, vegan, gluten free, and paraben free!

Lavett & Chin Hair Wash and Moisturizer

Lavett & Chin Hair Wash and Moisturizer

Shhhower Cap: While clearly not a shampoo a shower cap is crucial to any non wash day routine. The innovative folks at Shhhower Cap have restyled the age old cap with a machine washable, anti bacterial, no slip, ultra chic turban design. Now while I have to admit that being stylish in the shower seems kinda silly, the other design improvements are very appealing. And hey, looking good never hurt anyone.

The Yonce:  Inspired by the one and only Bae

The Yonce: Inspired by the one and only Bae