The Kitchen | Home for the holidays

This is the first year I will not be heading home for Christmas day and I have mixed feelings about it. A part of me is sad to miss time with my parents, brothers, and friends while another part of me is really excited to start some Hunter traditions of our own! Every year because we travel so much Geoff has denied me a tree (scrooge!) but this year, look out!

We have set the stage for having a tree every year by getting a tree topper an tree skirt we will use annually. Being a newbie to having a tree we have scant ornaments lying around the house so I took matters into my own hands by purchasing some inexpensive pine cones from a flower shop and hot glue gunning stain ribbon bows on top. But what I am most excited for this year is our Christmas Feast for two. 

My general curiosity in the Food52 website has turned into a full blown obsession and I have been scouring the many amazing recipes for the perfect Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Brunch. Here is the menu I have come up with:


Cocktail: M.F.K Fishers Half and Half Cocktail


Cocktail: Keeping it simple with the amazing McClure's Bloody Mary

Pro Tip: Use Challah instead of white bread in this casserole and sprinkle in some fresh sage to really elevate this simple and amazing make ahead dish

Next Steps: Go on a diet.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!