The Uniform | Wardrobe basics

A few years ago I started traveling regularly for work, often on trips that spanned two weeks across multiple cities. If I was packing for a two week vacation I would typically check a bag however, because I was moving around so much I made it a personal challenge to pack versatile outfits in a carryon. Full disclosure: At the time I worked for a startup that allowed for casual/relaxed attire, if you were not wearing denim you were "really dressed up". So packing usually meant piling my favorite dress down clothes and a few accent pieces into my overstuffed carryon.  

A few months in I had perfected the skill and when I looked back I realized that my travel outfits = my favorite things to wear at home too. This got me thinking, why in the world do I have this jam packed closet if most things I wear fit into a carryon? As many of us do as we migrate into our late twenties/early thirties (or if you have recently read this book) I started giving some serious thought to quality over quantity and basics over trends. The more I thought about this the more I realized that most of the stylish people I know follow a similar credo of "do more with less", they just have a different batch of basics that suit them. When discussing the concept with my dear friend and the most stylish man I know (Mark M- looking at you kiddo) he said, "Meryl that is called a Uniform, you know you have one right?". Thus The Uniform was born! Here I will be exploring "The Uniforms" of all different styles and how to highlight seasonal trends while keeping your wardrobe curated and coordinated. First up for the slaughter: me!

Personal Style: I like to prioritize texture over pattern leaning towards chunky knits, smooth silks, or a crisp cotton t-shirt. I tend to keep my clothes in the blue, white, grey, black color scheme with touches of blush, camel, or army green. 

Work Wear Basics: 

Weekend Wear:

Splurge: Anything that I am going to be wearing multiple times a week such as a coat, boots, or handbag. A few months ago I would have included sunglasses in here as well but I am a Warby Parker convert and you will likely never catch me spending over $100 on shades again.

Skimp: T shirts/Tank tops. A $50 Tee is just crazy to me. I like to buy them in multiples if I like the fit and prefer to keep each under $20. See: Everlane U-Neck for $18 above

Seasonal Trend Obsession: The fancy sneaker. Whether it is slip on, hightop, or lace up there are so many great options for fall. 

Latest wish list item: Cuyana Wool Coat. This coat is so classic I can't imagine it ever going out to style. Cuyana recently announced that it is coming out with a grey version- schwing! 

What are you wardrobe staples? I would love to hear!